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3Coins is a new challenging and addictive game. Test your skill and try to shot one coin between the other two. Sounds easy? Give it a try!

Stuck too long in classrooms, meetings or toilets – 3Coins is for you!
Just download and prepare to enter your own personal zen zone.

Hold and drag the coin, then aim and release to hit the line between the other two coins.
Made it? – Keep going! On to the next coin, and the next line!

Tips for the pros:
– Too close to the wall? use it to your advantage!
– Try to remember the coins order, to know which is next.

Oh, and almost forgot to mention the best part? – It’s absolutely FREE, so you can only waste your time, not your money.

Time is running out!
Earn time with every hit.
The coins get bigger every time you hit the line. Every hit is a point. Get 10 points and the coins return to their original size, but the clock speeds up!
Messed up? Coins too close? Hit the “LifeSaver” button to reset the coins, but it’ll cost you precious seconds!
You can sign in with Google for Achievements and World Leaderboard! Can you make it to the top?
A hidden Hedgehog theme! ♥‿♥
Currently available for Android. Look out for the IPhone version soon.

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