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Hello apprater team,

I’d like to tell you a little bit about our app and probably it will look interesting enough for you to install (at least) and publish it)
I’ve made it in form of short interview so it will be easier for you to find important information. In case you’d like to now more about our team, our app or anything else – please contact me via email, skype: pasha.mylnikov or viber: +375291098087

Release Date
April 13, 2015

Name of Application
7 minute workout with Lazy Monster

iTunes Link
https://itunes.apple.com/app/id882240858 App is free at the moment, so no promocode is needed

Brief Application Description
It’s a fitness app based on 7 minute workout idea with fresh look on how the whole process can look.

About us
We’re a small team of fitness and mobile development enthusiasts. We decided to create something new and interesting for everybody who loves fitness and healthy living and don’t like boring fitness apps.

The reason why our app is special and stands out from its competitors.
It’s free and there are no annoying ads and hidden in-apps:)
It’s a fresh sight on popular 7 minute workout trend. Our goal was to create a fitness app that can be funny and attractive enough so people won’t leave after first workout. All other apps show you unreal trainers with big muscles and 6 packs so it’s hard to believe that you can achieve the same outstanding results. The small Lazy Monster shows that nobody is perfect but everybody can be motivated enough to do 10 exercises a day to feel himself better.

Future plans
Our main goal for future updates is to create more different exercises and build interesting and effective workouts based on those exercises.
Our goal is to create new positive fitness trend that can unite everybody who has no time to go to gym but wants to be toned and positive. Even a short physical activity stimulates endorphins production and makes person a little bit more happy. And it’s a main goal for our team:)

Additional Information

Ratings for all versions in several countries:
United States: 4.5 – 92 ratings
Russia: 5.0 – 224 ratings
China: 5.0 – 180 ratings

Best regards,

Pavel Mylnikov

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