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The most beautiful, comfortable to use and never seen before album app, Albu!!

Albu conveniently gathers all your scattered photos in one place, and offers a beautiful UI to manage them.

Albu automatically collects your pictures from many services (Facebook, twitter, etc …) so you can manage easily with a single login.

Albu focuses on the managing your pictures and their many memories, don’t lose track of them!

# The main features of Albu

✔ Login to trigger photo collection automatically!
– Collect photos that have been uploaded to Facebook automatically.
– You can automatically add photos from your iPhone Default album.
– Import your memories from Twitter, MySpace and others (soon).

✔ Tagging for easy photo management: The most convenient method!
– Add tags and get organized
– Use our lovely stickers to make them stand out
– Tags are automatically loaded from Facebook
– Find your tagged friends easily
– Easiest way to categorize photos

✔ Collect and sort photos with a beautiful UI
– The fastest and most beautiful way to curate and enjoy your memories
– Sort your photos in chronological order
– Conveniently viewing photos by tag/sticker
– Display your favorite photos in one set

✔ Sharing
– Select and share multiple pictures at once
– Locate and transfer the photos quickly thanks to our sorting system

We ask for your support and feedback, your comments are highly appreciated.

Albu does not collect your personal information nor does it store your data.

Visit Albu at
Support email [email protected]

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