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Animal Commando is a free shooter game for android where you will have to fight versus martians to save the moon.
It’s an indie game I’ve developed on my own, I hope you enjoy it .

★ Free game for Android .
★ Cute animals.
★ 3D funny cartoon war action game .
★ Third person shooter game .
★ Alien invasion vs animals .
★ A fun game where you have to defend the moon from an alien attack .
★ You have to make the alien defense in the moon .
★ You can choose from three space warriors for fighting.
★ Characters have different stats and weapons .
★ Advance and unlock all levels .
★ You can save your progress .

– Right pad to move the player .
– Left controls to change weapon and open fire .
– Auto Aiming .

– Awesome game! Love the Bunny fighting aliens, so cool and full of color, easy to start playing .
– Extreme action I like this game very much. Graphics and control are awesome which make playing breeze .
– Very nice game I liked graphics, graphics are very good and nice gameplay. Game is good .

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