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Company name:               Web triangle LLC


Category:                            Reference

App Name:                  Jokes funBook

App description:  

For users who want to enjoy a spontaneous laughter or want to bring a smile on someone’s face, Jokes FunBook comes to their rescue. The app contains different types of jokes suitable for different kinds of audience. The features of the application make it different from all other apps, the major features of the app include:

Joke Submission- There is a special tab for users who want to submit their own jokes, which will be made a part of the app.

Joke Rating- After reading a joke, users have the option of rating that particular joke.

Joke Sharing- From the app the joke can be shared on social media platforms(faceBook, twitter, Google +), sent be email or via SMS.

Favorite A Joke- To tell the jokes to other sometime later, the users can also favorite a joke and then read it instantly.

Regular Updating- The joke data base keeps on updating regularly. New jokes are updated every week along with the jokes which users submit.

Jokes FunBook serves its purpose whether you want to bring a smile or burst someone into laughter.



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