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Company name:               Web triangle LLC


Category:                            Entertainment

App Name:                  Info Tube

App description:  

For users who rely on Youtube for the sake of information, InfoTube is the best application that provides infotainment to the user with a single touch. InfoTube brings you the quality informative videos from YouTube along with that the user has the option of view any video to the liking. The application has five categories for different types of informative videos. The categories are:

Islam- This category contains different subcategories that contain various videos related to Islam.

Lectures- This category contains videos for students belonging to different education levels.

Technology- The subcategories under this tab contain videos of technologies being used in different areas.

News- This category contains the latest news videos.

Sports- The category contains videos from different sports.

InfoTube contains three great features that make it unique from any other video app. The features are:

Search- Besides the videos that appear in every category, the user has the option to search for other videos within the category.

Favorite- Any video can be favorited and can be played with a single touch.
Sharing- The videos can also be shared on Facebook.

If you are looking for an app that makes the most informative videos of YouTube available in your palm, then InfoTube is the app to have on your device.



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