AppFlamingo: An Easier Take On Mobile App Development external link

AppFlamingo is the easiest way to make apps. Our unique template-based app-making style keeps the development process simple, all the while keeping the possibilities endless.

Today, making apps is difficult and very expensive. Making apps yourself is very difficult, and hiring people to develop for you almost always costs thousands. That’s why we created AppFlamingo.

AppFlaming is designed to take all coding out of mobile development. Never worry about hiring a developer or writing a line of code, everything you need is here.

AppFlamingo has a collection of professionally designed templates from which you can make your own application. Each template has a specific purpose and is directed at an individual type of app that you can make.

Our system completely eliminates traditional mobile development; now you can create a great app in a matter of minutes. Simply type in the info you want your app to contain, and that’s it. Decide upon your own visual designs and app characteristics, and you’ll have made an app that is completely your own.

Best of all, making apps with AppFlamingo is free. Make everything you want on our site, only pay for it if you like what you’ve created. Once published, you have complete control over your apps, including updates, advertisements, and publishing options.

You can see a demo of AppFlamingo at

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