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Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep is a match-3 game that enhances the switch and flip game mechanic through the use of physics. It has tons of levels to clear and several mini games to play.

The story is simple. The underwater city of Atlantis has suffered through a disaster and is about to collapse and, of course, the only way to save it is to find the magical pearls scattered throughout the ancient ruins.

You start each level pre-filled with pearls and your goal is to clear the level by matching three pearls of the same color. The difference is that the player has an infinite amount of pearls to drop but must be careful not to drop too many for risk of blocking passageways to magical pearls. Once you clear all the pearls that contain the magical shells in them the level is done.

The game also packs a therapeutic ‘Zen’ mode which allows players to collect up to 5 additional coins every day to add to their wallet. This is my favorite mode to play. I can take my time and really focus on clearing every single pearl.

Throughout the game there are several hidden object levels where the player must collect all of the seahorses, shells and stars that float up in little bubbles that are so satisfying to tap and pop.

Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep is a very fun and rewarding game to pick up and play. The art style is gorgeous, the gameplay is engaging and the best part is that it is FREE on iOS & Android devices! 5 out of 5 stars! Download today!


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