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Barcode-x by KJTeam is for those people looking for a FREE full-featured and extremely fast barcode reader.

If you’re looking for the ultimate barcode reader this may just be the solution you’re searching for.
This app can be used for document preparation, inventory, and used to search for products online.
It is a multi-feature app that goes much further than your average barcode reader.

Features of this app include the ability to edit the description of any item you scan, continuous and single shot scan mode, edit the quantity of each item, and manual and autofocus modes.
A number of barcodes are accepted, which are UPC, EAN, QR CODE, FARMACODE, and CODE 39.
There is flash control, iTunes file sharing, and you can even search the Internet for barcodes.

If you’d like you can send your barcode information by email and then open it in a database program.
These programs include Oracle, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and SQL Server.
The app also supports exported snapshot files (JPG and PNG) and CSV/TXT files. For the full version of the app you can make the in-app purchase.

_EAN, UPC, QR CODE, CODE 39, FARMACODE barcode supported
_Editable description for each scan
_Editable quantity for each scan
_Single shot or continuous scan mode
_Fast autofocus and manual focus
_Flash control
_Exported CSV/TXT file with different separator characters
_Exported snapshot files in PNG or JPG format
_Email file attachment support
_iTunes file share support
_Find barcodes on amazon, google and UPC database

Below you can find apple store link:


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  1. Alessandro says:

    This is a great app! Barcode-x will enable your business to track inventory and movements in your warehouse or stock room by item barcode. Many thanks KJTeam… and it’s free