Bigtipper – The Simplistic Tip Calculator external link

bigtipper is an extremely useful, simple tip calculator. At first glance, the app does not seem to be all that – with the simple user interface, etc. However, this app has some features waiting in the background.

bigtipper has the ability to show you multiple tips at one time – and update in real time! Say you are not sure what to leave as a tip, so you want to see 12%, 15%, and 20% (for the really good ones). 12% is too low, but 20% was not earned, well you now know what 15% is without any effort at all.

OR how about the different tax amounts? These percentages are easy to configure with the Configure screen! Say you want one at 6% for everyday shopping, one at 15% for tip calculating, and one for 8% for something else. You can just type in the total before tax, and not have to worry about possibly going over due to tax – you can see it right there!

With the functions such as rounding and party splitting, bigtipper definitely stands out as a powerful, simple tip calculator.

I give it 5/5 stars!

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