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The Location-Based, Check In App Keeps You and Your Friends Connected. Available in iTunes
Never Miss An Opportunity to Meet Up with Your Friends Again!

The Kaboo iPhone application keeps you, your family, and your friends connected no matter where you are in the world. Real-time push notifications let you know when someone in your group is in a store nearby, around the corner from your favorite restaurant, or waiting for the next flight in the same airport.

Stop Wasting Time on Reviews from Strangers!

With Kaboo, you no longer have to rely on reviews about a place from strangers. Instead, see where your friends and family actually like to go. Now you will see the check-ins, the photos, and the thoughts they’ve shared about the places they visit.

The Kaboo Experience Broken Down!

– Real-time, location-based, check in push notifications.
– Add only the people you know and want to follow.
– Share your check in via text or email to invite friends.
– Special notifications for user defined friend groups.
– Private check in, photo, and status sharing with a person or group.
– Get notified when friends are nearby.
– Like and comment on your friends’ push notifications.
– Create photo albums for favorite places and experiences.
– Keep track of where you’ve been and add status updates.
– See your friends’ and family members travel destinations.
– Follow friends’ check in worldwide with the Kaboo Map.
– Share with friends on Facebook.

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