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What is the name of the app?

On what can I use DealRack?
DealRack is designed for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

iTunes link ?

What category does DealRack belong to on iTunes Store?

What is DealRack ?
DealRack is a collection of Sample Sales and Daily Deals sites. Sample Sales are sites like Rue la la, Beyond the Rack that offer designer products at more than 50 % discount prices and Daily Deals are sites like Groupon and Living Social.

  • The App is designed with four pages namely Rack, Catalog, Web view and  Help.
  • The Rack page is a display of sites of users choice.
  • The Catalog page has a collection of over 50 sites for the users to choose from and add to rack. The catalog feature lets the user to switch and reorder on the rack between the sites he/she likes most. All the sites also have a category listed in the catalog for the user to decide what interests him most.
  • The Webview page appears when a user clicks on the site icon on the rack. The user can browse through the site he/she likes using the browser buttons or take a snapshot of the view using the print button. The print feature helps users to track their order numbers or check if a deal is expiring by taking a print. All the prints are saved in the my prints row on the rack. The User can also share the site link or deal link using email, facebook or twitter. A print can also be shared from My Prints on the rack. Share button has been carefully designed so that the user can edit before he makes his message social.
  • The Help view appears when the User clicks on help. It is an easy to understand guide that aides the user on the Rack and Catalog Page.

What makes the App stand apart?
The sites we posted have apps of their own, so users have to toggle between numerous apps to browse. Dealrack has a complete list of all the sites at one place, making it easy for users to browse and buy a deal.

Who can use DealRack?
DealRack is a one stop for all who love to browse, shop and save. Everyone
who loves to look for designer brands, Parents who love to buy stuff for Kids, Homemakers who are setting up a home, those who love to travel and enjoy new experiences and activities.

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