Debug Assist Released In AppStore! external link

Our first app Released on AppSotre! Here is a brief presentation of this app. Hope you like it!

To whom it relates:

– Developers.

– People that assisgned their app development to someone else.

– Everyone who wants to see all console messages from their apps and any possible bug may exists.

That helps:

– Developers for Debug their apps.

– Other people for helping their developers by giving them feedback.

What it does:

Tracks all messages printed by – NSLog() function – Crash Reports from all apps, running in your iOS Device.


– Check for Crash Reports and Debug your application from ANYWHERE, without any need of iMac, MacBook etc.

– You can use these messages for checking any possible error or check if your application\’s functions are running as expected.

NOTE!! You can lock your favorite apps to keep a short message history!





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