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Deep Space Invaders is a action game where you have to save the galaxy and destroy a lots of alien spacecraft to get the greatest possible number of points and achievements. Challenge your friends and learn who is the most skilled .

★ Game for iphone and ipad .
★ Explore and drive your interstellar craft in a exciting game of aircraft war .
★ A cool shoot ’em up style game .
★ It is a very addictive and fun space shooter game .
★ The management of the spaceship is very simple .
★ The difficulty increases over time .
★ You have seven different types of weapon .
★ Ten Power-Ups and weapons upgrades different .
★ Secondary Weapon of mass destruction .
★ Each enemy has a different strategy for destruction .
★ Amazing 3D graphics and sound effects .
★ A beautiful soundtrack .
★ System points and achievements with Game Center (Achievements & Leaderboards) .

Control buttons :
★ Touch the screen to move the spaceship .
★ Secondary weapon button below right (mass destruction) .
★ Pause button, and remaining energy and shield top of the screen .
★ Score is lower left of the screen .

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