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It’s a game where users will get to try their best to survive in an extremely harsh Korean company, and to climb up a promotion ladder from the bottom to the top.

But, this is not just a typical game where users have to achieve something. Although It tells you that its goal is to become the president, what it actually tries to do is to make them empathize themselves, who are having a hard time looking for jobs, trying to get a full time position, and trying to survive at work, with the character who is going through exactly same things. The difference between this game and real life is, the game is more extreme, in sad, humorous way.

We wanted to send a message to users that, ‘I know, it’s hard these days to get a job, survive in this society. I know you are tired, and frustrated, but don’t give up. Don’t get fired :)

P.S It’s a free game, so we didn’t make a promo code

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