Don’t Text Your Personality, Voice It external link

Dubbler, a fun (and free) new way to record and share audio. It picks up where Tango, Snapchat, and Kik leave off. Record up to 60 seconds, tweak and change your Dub with our voice filters, and instantly post it on Facebook and Twitter, and share it via email. Capture moments, emotions, creative flashes – your undeniable, unique charm – in a way that text and typing can’t, with the full-force of your personality. Sing a song, send news, jokes, comments, hearable hugs, make music or ringtones — any kind of vocal hiccup or doodle you do can be transformed into something special with a filter or sound effect. Or bring photographs or drawings to life with audio captions; put a stamp on your Tumblr with sounds and stories; match a voice to all those familiar faces in your Instagram and Flickr accounts – a new kind of collage. If creativity’s not your thing, just enjoy the hundreds of Dubs being uploaded constantly, a stream of cool new sounds you can’t find on Google, or hear on Spotify or SoundCloud. It’s like your own personal radio station. Radio Dubbler.
You could even create a character with one of our voice filter tool. There’s a thousand things to do with those effects. All this makes Dubbler the coolest way to be heard.

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