Drinqsmart – Your Exclusive Going-Out Network external link

The 1st exclusive “Going out” network, designed for those Londoners who value their time and want a smart way to “Get Their Night Started”. We all Know that the best nights out start with a quick drink. With Drinqsmart you can:

See where your friends are out and spontaneously join them for a drink.

Invite friends out for a drink to a venue of your choice.

Find the best places to go out around you and plan your night.

Access promotions and offers from venues of interest.

Maintain your own exclusive circle of going out friends.

It’s Your Time, Your Friends, Your Night – let Drinqsmart get you there, every night.

Check the link below to view the video of how the app works

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVKbaegQimw Available on the App Store.

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