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Ease my wardrobe is a virtual wardrobe for keeping track of your clothes,
shoes, accessories and many other things. It is a nice manager for your wardrobe for both men and women.

Available for iPhone and iPad both.


* Add new category of outfits

* Click a picture or upload pictures of your outfits in different categories like shirts, bottoms, bags etc…

* Manage your outfits and their details like brand, color, price and give it your tag

* When its time to get ready you can select the outfits from different categories and match them by placing side by side to get an idea of what shall suit you best.

* You can add your favourite matched style to favourites section

* Share your style with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email

* One interesting feature of the app is the random pick. If you are confused on what to wear or want a wild guess, this feature helps you by randomly picking a style for you.

Submitted by dhaval

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