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The greatest app ever made for the smallest stories ever told
Widely Popular Cell Phone Novels NOW available in English
Some of the top-selling books in Japan are cell phone novels!!!  And now, eMobo is the first English language app to offer this phenomenal keitai shousetsu, or cell phone novel trend, to a much broader audience.
Cell phone novels are books written as text messages – one 70-100 word chapter at a time. They’re meant to be read fast or subscribed to like a serial version of a story. Young people love to read and write them.  As Wikipedia explains, “The cell phone novel is changing reading habits… its mobility and convenience… allows readers to read (or write) anywhere, any time.”
The revolutionary eMobo app is more than a reading and writing tool. It also offers rewards for reading, publishes your stories, provides subscription services to stories, and since it is powered throughtextnovel.com – the pioneer site that is making these Japanese-style novels popular – just one click on eMobo will display thousands of books available for instant download based on your reading habits.  The more you read, the more the app learns what kinds of books you prefer!
Your reading experience is also based on your preferences: eMobo’s powerful perks provide different fonts, background colors, or, if you just want to skip ahead to the end, it’s all possible with a touch of a button. Speaking of touch, you can “flip” pages from one side of your iPhone screen to the other, just like a real book. If you have already started to read a book, it will be waiting for you on the front screen so you can pick up exactly where you left off.
Add to all this, a daily sync up with textnovel.com‘s ever-growing library database and eMobo brings its users all the cell phone novels they could possibly ever want.
Thousands of books.  Thousands of subscribers. Reading rewards from Starbucks coupons to Xbox 360s through Kiip, a mobile rewards network.   eMobo is the next wave of eBooks.
Now, for the first time in English.  For cell phone novel readers and writers.  eMobo is FREE through Apple’s iPhone app store
Also, some other notable articles include a feature in Japantoday.com, a review by a country music artist in Japan named Itsuka, and had a panel held on it at the Pittsburgh Tekkoshocon anime convention.
RECENT NEWS:  Emobo was recently updated for the new IOS 7 and now includes a 30 day free trial period to use all the features of the app, after which point users can choose which categories of books they want to purchase for continued reading.
 EMOBO WEBSITE:   http://www.emoboapp.com
 YOUTUBE REVIEW LINK FROM GIVE ME APPS:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwVWKhSAazQ
 ITSUKA FAMOUS JAPANESE ARTIST REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCjOnYvNTNM

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