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The human face will never be the same again! The newest iOS app from Doubletappapps/Old Tree Publishing is now available for download from the iTunes appstore. FaceFlip Pro is a photo manipulation app that will have you laughing, checking your face in the mirror, and showing all your friends the crazy pictures you can make.

You have seen photo manipulation before, but not like this. Ever wonder what your face would look like upside down? Ever ponder about what your eyes would look like the size of raisins? Ever daydream about a celebrity without a nose? Well now you can see it all with your very own eyes.

With the new FaceFlip Pro you can flip, pinch, and stretch your eyes, nose, face and mouth separately or all together! Because of these amazing features we have made it to the top 100 overall apps in Italy, Israel, Brazil, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, China, and Romania!

Doubletapp have teamed up with world renowned developers and designers to bring you the most up to date version of FaceFlip Pro. With advanced facial recognition and isolation techniques we have created more accurate flips for funnier pics.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this app is the absolute high quality of the pictures. Once you have taken your picture you have the option to flip, pinch, stretch etc then upload to various social network sites, email it, or save it to your camera roll. Once you look back at these pictures you will be shocked at how clear the resolution is and how real the manipulated image is.

When sharing your pictures why not check out our Facebook page and give it a ‘like.’ This way you can be apart of the great competitions we run to see who has been working hard with their FaceFlipping. We always want our users to be apart of the experience by getting them involved and seeing how much they are enjoying FaceFlip Pro.

This easy to use, fun for all the family app has been working it’s way across the globe with over 90, 000 downloads and counting. The reason for it’s success is simple; it’s great fun, it’s easy to use, and you can share your pictures with all your friends.

Company: Doubletappapps/Old Tree Publishing
App: FaceFlip Pro
Available: iTunes Appstore
Contact: [email protected]

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