FaceFlipBook For IPhone, IPad, And IPad Mini Reviewed… external link

New Features Coming Soon!:

– Tap & Hold with 1 finger to adjust individual layers
– Use 2 fingers to rotate individual Flip layers.
– 2 finger Pinch & Spread layer adjustment enhancements.
– FlipTip’s helpful in-app tool tips.
– Now available as FaceFlipBook Lite (free), and FaceFlipBook.
– Swipe Up in Flip view to access Layer Edge Blending features (paid version).

FaceFlipBook is an awesome new photo collage and editing app for the iPhone 5, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and iPad Mini.

FaceFlipBook allows you to combine photos of your friend’s faces into one hilarious face flipping photo collage book- but the “Flip” fun is only beginning.

Create Flips and photo collages of your friends, kids, pets, cartoons, drawings, objects, and so much more! Two- finger gestures allow stretching of faces horizontally for perfect face alignments. In-app photo editing tools allow for advanced editing of your “Flips” on the fly. FaceFlipBook offers unlimited possibilities for photo creativity!

Once you have captured your friend’s faces with our intuitive face mapping display, simply select 3 photos and then “Flip” through mixes of your friend’s faces to experience a whole new world of bringing people together.

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