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Travelers have a new tool in the often agonizing decision of when is the right time to book a flight. FareScout, a new airfare prediction app, gives travelers confidence they are buying at the right time to get the best price.

Deciding when to book a flight is an agonizing process. Travelers do not feel like they are in control. Fluctuating fares feel arbitrary and the process is frustrating for travelers. That’s why we built FareScout—to give travelers the information they need to feel confident in their decision.

FareScout takes the guesswork out of the decision to book a flight. It searches millions of historical data points to help travelers better understand the likelihood of the fare going up or down, and lets them know when is the best time to maximize savings. FareScout has access to the same historical information that airlines use to build their pricing models and presents users with a simple “buy or wait” format.

FareScout also provides the option to set up alerts that automatically notify users if the price recommendation changes.

FareScout, available now on Apple devices, is free to download and use. Download FareScout at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/farescout-flight-search-airfare/id903262870?ls=1&mt=8.

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