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Fun Memory is the games app that puts a twist on the memory games of old that you grew up and are familiar with. It will let you train your memory to the point where you can beat your friends and family in challenging memory contests.

The gameplay of this app centers on every player flipping two cards during his turn and then needing to memorize his position to beat his competitors at obtaining more matches.

When you play Fun Memory, you get to indulge in three, distinct modes of gameplay:

You have to fight the clock: Make sure 10 pairs get matched before the clock runs out of time
You have to fight the device: Obtain more matches than the device in order to beat it
You have to fight another player: Play against anyone of your choosing to see whose memory is superior
You kids will dig it thanks to the cute pictures; your teens will love it since it lets them show their friends that they’re smarter; and parents will enjoy it because it lets them teach their kids a lesson or two…literally.

This app is available for download for free and has been optimized for the iPhone 5.

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