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What’s the cost of driving to hockey practice? Just how much does it cost to get to work? Taking a long trip? Gas Fare will estimate the cost of driving for you! Just enter your fuel efficiency and the price of gas and be on your way.

– A simple, elegant interface that requires no instructions. Designed for one-handed usage.
– Operates in the background, if you should switch to another app or enter sleep mode.
– Optimized to save battery life by automatically pausing GPS location services whenever it senses that you are no longer traveling and forgot to stop the app.
– Currency and units (e.g., miles vs. meters) are automatically localized. (Language localization is not currently supported and defaults to English.)
– Multiple destinations? The Mark button will log your costs.
– Tap the main display to toggle between other modes: stopwatch and odometer.
– Your privacy is respected. Your location is neither saved or transmitted.

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