Hear Your Voice Like You’ve Never Heard It Before! external link

HEARSAY is a new voice changing app that goes above and beyond your average voice-changer. Rather than relying on your mobile device to alter your voice for you, Hearsay uses a clever low-fi approach to put the task of manipulating your vocal chords back into your hands!

Firstly, Hearsay lets you record a quick audio bite, which it then reverses… allowing you to try and mimic the backwards sound. Once you’ve had a go, Hearsay then flips the audio back the right way round, letting you hear your voice like you’ve never heard it before!

It can sound a bit confusing on paper but luckily, the creators of the app have made this hilarious instructional video to explain how it works!…

For such a straight forward app, it’s surprisingly a hell of a lot of fun (especially after a few drinks!). I think the developers of Hearsay have stumbled upon a brilliantly simple concept with this app and I can already see this backwards beauty becoming the next angry birds or fruit ninja!

I give Hearsay five stars! Or should I say… ‘!srats evif yasraeH evig I’

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