Husband Helper – Helping YOU Stay Out Of The Doghouse! external link

The Husband Helper app ( is an iPhone app with several features that will improve your relationship with your wife.

Keep track of important dates and set reminders to buy gifts or make dinner reservations.

Write down gift ideas as you walk through a mall with your wife so that you always know what to get her on her birthday.

Store a list of your wife’s sizes (ring, dress, shoes, etc…) so that you never get her something that doesn’t fit.

Want to break the cycle of “dinner and a movie”, the Husband Helper app has 50 date ideas to help you.

Nobody likes nagging so use the “Honey Do” list to keep track of what your wife has asked you to do.

Want to learn more about your wife…just click on the “What your wife wants you to know” feature.

The Husband Helper app is an all in one solution to make you a better husband and help you stay out of the doghouse.

Go to to see more screenshots and a demo video of the Husband Helper app.

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