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iMail It! is the utilities app that solves the problem of email attachment limitations for you. If you’ve ever been sick and tired of the ultra-limiting restrictions that many clients include in their email options, then check out iMail It! Ideally, you should want to just be able to pick as many files as you want to share that your heart desires and then click a button to complete the task. Easy peasy!

This app provides so many benefits that your head will literally spin. It lets you pick various videos and photos from your camera roll and send them all at the same time. Another good advantage is that the app will instantly divide your data into numerous emails in order to respect the maximum size regulations of your email provider, whether the provider is Yahoo, Google or Hotmail.

That’s not all! In the off-chance that the video’s larger than the biggest size allowed, it’s going to be compressed in the email nonetheless. However, if that’s just not possible, it’ll be truncated. Either way, the app does all the work and figuring out for you.

Designed for the iPad and iPhone, iMail It! is free, so download it now.

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