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iPad’s new hero has finally arrived!

There’s big trouble going on in Animville!

King Hong has turned against all our animal friends and magically enchanted them.
All animals have now allied with the evil gorilla and turned against you.
But all is not lost, for some apparent reason the bunnies from Animville were not affected by this spell.

King Hong got so angry about this that he captured and locked every bunny inside cages, none managed to escape, except Fluzz.
Meet Fluzz, our new super hero, an extremely cool bunny who likes to take the sun and has many special abilities.

Fluzz is the fastest rabbit in all Animville. He can jump real high, and can even spin and fly. It is because of his super powers that now Fluzz believes it’s his destiny to save all the animals and restore peace to this beautiful place.

The adventure begins in a beautiful forest, full of trees, leaves and water. Fluzz will have to overcome all the obstacles here in order to make it to the hot deserts, a place screaming of danger in every corner.
Can you guide Fluzz to the ancient pyramids and enter one of the most enchanting places ever known?
Finally you will face your last battle in the snowy wastelands, so be ready to equip your bunny with a thick coat to keep him warm.

Only Fluzz can save Animville and put an end to the nasty King Hong. Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure.

Adventures of Fluzz is a game for iPad available from your AppStore and can be downloaded here:

Check out Adventures of Fluzz official video on live game coverage:


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