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InstBrew is a software that will allow web developers to eliminate the boring repetitive tasks involved in managing and maintaining the web designer’s IDE, and allow the impact of the coding to be visible as the code is completed. To bring the direct intuitive connection that exists between the artist and their drawing to the world of the web designer.

InstBrew uses the cloud environment to eliminate many of the frustrations that web developers have in maintaining their IDE’s, eliminating the need for web developers to be IT managers. IDE’s will be predefined and stored in the cloud. Web developers can start working on their designs without downloading any software. Since the IDE is stored in the cloud, software updates are handled easily and compatibility issues are eliminated. Web developers can stop spending their valuable time on IT issues and focus on the design.

Since the IDE is maintained on the cloud and processing is done in the browser there is no need for expensive equipment. Web designing can be done on any device that has internet access.

InstBrew will allow developers to work together seamlessly without spending a lot of time on version control system or opening another application for messaging.

InstBrew will have a timeline feature that will maintain the history of changes. This will allow users to view the histories of their project development.

InstBrew will also eliminate the delay between coding and seeing the results of the coding. The screen will be split into two parts. The first part will be the actual code. The second part of the screen is the result of the current code. This immediate viewing of the results of your coding will help reestablish the direct connection between your ideas/design and the code that produces it.

InstBrew will significantly reduce debugging time. The ability to see the impact of your coding as you type it is one way that InstBrew will help with debugging. In addition, you can select a portion of the website in your results panel and the coding that created that result will be displayed in the coding section. This eliminates the need to review your code to find the specific code that generated the results displayed. Since coding does not have to be done in order and can often involve thousands of lines of code this will be a significant time saver.

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