ISEQUENCES App For Autism Releases A New IPad Version And Is Now Available For Android external link

The popular educational app that helps teaching social habits and emotions to children with Autism/ASD and Asperger’s offers new configuration options.

Barcelona, October 3rd, 2013 – The Planeta Imaginario Foundation has launched an enhanced version of iSEQUENCES. This educational app for children with Autism and Asperger’s syndrome enables them to practice 100 different sequences about everyday situations. All this is taught by the character Tatus and his friends.

The new iPad version has new configuration options to better adapt the app to each child. The Android version allows children to use iSEQUENCES on a wide range of tablet devices. This makes the app accessible to many more families beyond the more than 40.000 families that have downloaded the iPad version in the past year. iSEQUENCES is available as a free or Lite version with 10 sequences, and as a paid or Full version with 100 sequences on iTunes and Google Play.

Each of the 100 sequences in the app presents a different situation. The child has to place the images depicting the situation in the correct order and is then asked what happens next. In addition, there are 60 exercises that show some of the characters going through different social situations and the child is asked how he thinks the characters in the situation feel. With this approach, iSEQUENCES contributes to the improvement of social skills and emotion recognition, two areas in which people on the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) often have difficulties. iSEQUENCES can be used both as a support tool for therapy and at home as entertainment.

The Planeta Imaginario Foundation ( is an early intervention center for children and teengers with autism/ASD that operates throughout Spain and in some other European countries.

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