Journ – New Travel, Photography And Expenses Sharing Advanced App external link

Journ, the latest app release from DC Software Arts, takes travel apps to a whole new level. Journ is a must have app for anyone that wishes to document their life – from a special day to a normal business trip to a trip around the world. Businessmen, parents, photographers, travelers and people from all walks of life can capture their life’s journey with Journ.

Journ, available in the iTunes store, allows the basics such as ability to map your travel, split costs when traveling with friends and document the trip with photos and captions. Journ, however, goes further by providing these enhanced features:

Records “Events” of the trip, “Places” of interest and “Notes” on anything. Records “Tracks” of the routes traveled, as well as hikes, bike rides, and runs. Camera with seven travel ready modes. Each expense, event, place, note and track item has a its own camera roll. Photo viewer/player to manage photos and slide shows including a map based slide show. Social sharing via emails, postings and PicasaWeb albums. Archives to Evernote.

Life is a journey. Capture yours.

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