MinderBox And IWebs (2 Apps) external link

Good morning,

My name is Sergey and I’m an indie developer for iOS and MacOS. I’ve recently released my first app named ”MinderBox” :


This is basically a task manager, reminder app. But what I think makes it unique is that it can save audio note, video notes, photo-image notes, and text notes, all in one place.

Currently the app is getting approx. 50 downloads a day and got 5 star positive reviews from users, so people seem to like it.

If this is something you find interesting, please consider to review MinderBox on your website.

Appreciate your time and wish you all the best.

PS. there’s also an app called iWebs (first and unique web bookmark manager for iPhone and iPad) being in the review process in App Store, so maybe this will be of interest,too. As soon as it gets approved I’ll be glad to share promo codes for it with you.
Please check out iWebs description on my website mymixapps.com for more details.


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