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From the heart of the Balkans, here comes another game created by Peaksel DOO- ‘Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem’. Armed with so many weird-looking, never-seen-before monsters, the game takes players to a completely different world of strange creatures. Yet, you have to be careful because those creatures are hungry and will not waste a single second should they be given a chance to grab a bite of their delicious human meal, or better to say, you.

Having made yourself comfortable in your home, grab your iPhone, iPad or iPod and choose one of the two heroes, but make sure you are ready to battle gazillion monsters you will run into. As you progress to each of 11 levels, you will encounter new monsters added to the ones you’ve seen before while the difficulty of playing will increase with every level. The last 12th level is an endless mode, which means that you have to shoot all the creatures you run into and try to stay alive for as long as possible.

In addition to strange monsters, the game has quite a few additional interesting features; one of them being extra help given to players to be used when they need it the most. If you realize the monsters are quite close to getting you, feel free to use one of the three offered boosters to strengthen your health, defense or attack. These will come in handy once you’ve reached higher levels and monsters begin swarming around you. What is more, battling your way through has been enabled by a variety of weapons offered in the game, ranging from plain knives to cannons to laser guns. Make sure you grab anything that comes your way and destroy the evil creatures which are trying to take over the planet Earth.

‘Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem’ appears to be one of those games which will cause laughter but also adrenaline rush every time you find yourself stuck with these odd creatures without any prospect of survival. Your quick thinking will have to remain alert throughout the game since you will get no break from the human-eating hungry monsters! Dive into the world of ‘Monster Killer’ and check how good you are in handling the monstrous creatures!

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