My Core Info- All In One Journal, Organizer And Private Facebook external link

My Core Info is an App for iPads. It is like a private facebook of core information about you and your life- an all in one organizer, journal and diary. We are overwhelmed by information but can’t access that which is important to us. My Core Info fixes the problem with its high level functionality enabling you to collate into themed silos core information about your: House; Contacts( in grouped lists); Finances; Sport; Books, Music and Films; Health; Collections; Travel and private thoughts (with modules for reflections). This App avoids the need for multiple apps- it’s comprehensive fields allow you to harvest important information into a single secure storehouse. Security is assured through its password protection and confining the information to the device, with the option to back it up onto a Cloud (as information can be confined to the device, hacking at a server level can be avoided). At a time when people are being turned into commodities, this helps preserve your individuality.

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