[News. For Me.] IPad App – Now Available On The App Store external link

[News. For Me.] iPad app – now available for download from Apple App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/news.-for-me./id658219041?ls=1&mt=8 , demo video: http://youtu.be/I1dx8uFEBCc

‘News. For Me.’ app helps users to get up-to-speed with news about people who matter to them, quicker. It analyses, matches and ranks relevant news stories or blogs where a personal contact has been mentioned or quoted. The app comes with a list of default RSS feeds, and also allows users to add additional feeds for automatic real-time processing. The app provides option to match with device and/or LinkedIn contacts . It also shows a cloud of all people who are in the news – both from his contact list and out – allowing users to drill down to those news stories based on the person mentioned. User can open a contact mentioned in a story – directly from the app within native Contacts app, and also can email or share any news story in LinkedIn.

This app processes all the RSS feeds in real-time and auto-extracts important entities from those feed stories – like, person mentioned in the story and related attributes like company, position etc. In parallel, a real-time matching inference engine matches people in news with contacts for the app user – by using a combination of Phonetic and Similarity Metric algorithms. Finally, a ranking engine ranks those matching news stories with app users contacts based on relevance.

Currently no similar app exists in App Store today. Overall objective of this app is to help users drastically cut down on time to sift relevant news/blogs to get up to speed about their contacts. It also expands users coverage universe much beyond personally followed channels & sites – to ensure no potentially important story is missed out. Finally the app allows users to seamlessly follow on their workflow – for example, to mail/call a contact relating to a breaking story mentioning that contact.

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