Photo Footprint – Your Photo Album On Map external link

Photo Footprint redesigns iPhone Photo to show your photos on map and automatically generate a simple and intuitive timeline.

Automatically generate a photo diary based on all the photos saved in your ios device. Navigate through a calendar to see the photos you took and where the photo was taken on the map.

Map View:
Map view shows all your photo on a world map, see your photo based on different country, state, city and places. Choose different map type from standard, satellite and hybrid.

Photo Footprint gives achievement badge based on the place you have been. Automatically generate a summary and analysis of all your photos.

It’s an app designed to remind your travel history based on the photos in your device. No input/edit needed, automatically synchronize with your photos when you add or delete photo.

It’s a simple and smart app to help you recall those beautiful time and places.

App Video:

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