PhotoFight Revolutionizes Mobile Gaming external link

PhotoFight is the first app to take the components of mobile gaming, photo sharing, and social networking and combine them into a fun, interactive, scoring game. This app is so much different from your other mobile gaming apps in that you visually communicate with your friends or relatives while playing a fun game. Users can can share photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and also add any of their friends from their Facebook contact list.

Users are prompted to take photos for point values throughout a range of categories and can also dare their friends to take a photo of whatever they can come up with for a certain amount of points. Categories range from restaurants to ballparks to the beach and prompts from anything such as “Take a photo feeding your significant other” to “Take a photo looking like a dolphin”. The game is very fun and the dare prompt adds even more. Users are allowed to dare the friend they are playing to any photo prompt they can think of and wager a certain amount of coins.

Users race to a set coin value and the first one there is declared the winner. PhotoFight is a very unique concept that take all of your favorite apps and combines them into one.

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