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PicValue is your “values” overlay camera App.
A fun way to record and share your values of life.

Have you ever gotten a great deal for a nice dress, and you just wanted to make your friends jealous about it? Do you enjoy to share your delicious food when you have a dinner in a hip restaurant? What if you hang out with friends and you wanna record this priceless moment?

In PicValue, you can record and share your own values of life via photos.

How it works?
+Pick the currency you want from 11 different kinds
+Simply enter your numeral value or play with our special values (“Priceless” and “Secret”)
+Either snap a photo or upload one from your phone gallery
+Choose your favorite style from 16 different skins
+Save or Share your cool pictures on Facebook or instagram
+Have fun? Let’s create one more shot =)

Special features:
You have 3 ways to define your values: numeral, secret, and priceless. PicValue also has 11 different kinds of foreign currency (ex, NTD, USD, EUR, JPY, and more) for you to pick. It’s really easy but creative for you to choose your favorite skin with various displays from current date, time or even some special Chinese or Japanese characters.

Be Creative, Record Your Life, Share Your Values!
Install PicValue NOW! Make your friends jealous =)
Price: FREE

iOS: http://goo.gl/Rq5ah

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