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The Hook: Applying to jobs on Craigslist is frustrating, extremely difficult, and it’s like sending your belongings to a black box–you never know when someone receives an application. Given these issues, we created an App called Proven Job Search, under the productivity genre, to make this process more efficient. Since there are 30 billion page views per month on Craigslist, we believe we will help a lot of people through our app.

What we do: We let you search through the most recent Craigslist job postings, apply using our platform, which has the resume and cover letter you previously uploaded, and track your application by allowing you to see when an employer opened your application. The app enhances your job hunt process and even allows you to create a professional profile that can be downloaded via the app from our website to apply to numerous jobs.

Video of app in action: Here we show you how the app works as well as see its functionality: Proven App Video (

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App name: Proven Job Search
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Company name: Proven
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