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Our new app – “Run a 5K! Ready Training Plan, GPS Track & Running Tips by Red Rock Apps ” – it was released just 3 days ago.
This app is a great running tool, it contains: ready interval training plan, GPS, map of every routine, running tips, audio cues, stats, etc.
With our app people will be able to run 5km just in 7 weeks (three 30-min trainings per week are required).
Users can listen to their favorite music as they walk/run while the app tells you what to do.
Application is available in 10 languages. Can be used outside or in gym, on the treadmill.
Main advantages:
– Effective training plan from the best coaches
– GPS map saved for each training
– Real time statistics for pace, distance, time and other parameters
– Audio cues during all of the workouts
– Motivational tips on everything related to running
– Integrated with Runkeeper, Fitbit, MapMyRun
– Achievements are given with each completed training
– Facebook & twitter integration to share map, stats & achievements.
App price is $2.99 but we’re planning to celebrate the release and will drop the price to $0.99 on March 22-23 and March 28-30.
We can arrange more sales especially for your site. Promo codes are also available per request.
Spring is wonderful time to start running and get in good shape.
Your users will be happy to know about “Run a 5K!” application.
iTunes link:
App’s video:

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