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Remo Software aims at developing user-friendly system tools to Recover Manage and Optimize data and enhances the device speed competently.

Remo MORE for iOS is a Cloud enabled instant solution to manage & optimize all iOS devices issues to enhance its performance over various multiple platforms.

1.Zip: Provides you the facility to zip your SD card data
2.Power Manager: Manages your power information, memory information and device information
3.Backup & Restore: Backs up contacts, SMS, calendar, call log, apps and bookmarks
4.Locker: Lock your device by Master Password

1.Remove Duplicate Contacts: Removes the duplicate contacts, numbers, Email information
2.Memory Information: Provides free, wired, active, inactive memory information

1.Backup: Keeps back up of contact, SMS, Calendar, Call log, Apps and Bookmarks
2.Restore Backup: Restores the backup data

1.One Click Maintenance: Maintains your  full device within one click
2.Enhancements and Recommendations: Gives you detailed information of issues and their solutions.

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