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Hi there,


I’m here to present you one of the best app i have discovered this here. Replay is the easiest way to turn your photos and videos in awesome movies.


I realized that too often my photos and videos memories aren’t used at all. Too often they are forgotten almost for ever on my iPhone.

Replay helped me change that. It uses my moments to edit great movies. It only took me a few clics will to create and make them unique.

I have tested similar apps in the past but I thought it was so long to get my project that most of the time I dropped it. This is the first time I find an app that does the rendering pretty quickly, like a couple of seconds and I was really pleased with it.


Sure you will have to buy themes if you want to variate your movies ($0.89) but I think it worths it because the app is really well done, really fast, and really easy to use, and that’s what I’m looking for.


Take a look at it if you have time, you won’t regret it.

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