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Basically the game is a touch and pop game in the endless genre. You have to pop cartoony heads to get points but if you touch the bad ones you fail. The game is rated 9+ on the app store but it is very mild therefore the two subcategories are family and kids.
Here’s the app store description:
Falling Heads is an amazing tap game and the first game we will release. Cartoon heads are falling and you must tap and pop the good ones to save them from dying.But be aware there are lots of evil heads who are trying to make you fail. One touch and their mission is completed.
– The game has been optimized for iphone 5
– It’s a universial app.
– It has game center support.
– It has a how to play button and the user interface is very easy to navigate through.
Developer name’:  Spicy Games
Here’s some screenshots:

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