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Summary: SnapBack is a unique Photo & Video App that utilises both Rear Facing and FaceTime camera’s in succession. With multiple frames, photo filters, labels, unlocks and achievements – SnapBack is a one-of-a-kind Photography App.

Description: Loading quicker than the standard iOS Camera App, SnapBack is designed for speed so users will never miss those perfect opportunities. The user will aim the camera and take a photo, once the photo has been taken, SnapBack will immediately activate the FaceTime camera and allow a 2 second window to the user to ensure they are in the photo and smile.

Once both the images are captured and accepted by the user, they will then choose one of the 45 frames to house them in. After choosing a frame, the user can then customise the borders thickness, colour or even add a texture to it.

The user is then given the opportunity to customise the images with over 35 of the most used photo filters and the addition of full sharpness and brightness control. The user can then add an unlimited number of label to their creation with over 35 fonts and the ability to rotate, adjust size and even adjust the opacity of their labels.

The user can then upload their creation to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, send it via email or save it to their Camera Roll. If they do decide to upload to Facebook or Twitter they will be rewarded with the unlocking of frames, textures and photo filters via in-app achievements.

There are 9 achievements in total, all unlock another set of frames, textures and filters and all are simply based on how many times you upload to Facebook or Twitter. If the users are not one to take the hard road and earn the unlocks, they can opt for a one off in-app purchase that will unlock all frames, textures and filters.

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Promo Codes: 7J4P37FXHLY9


About Us & About the Development: TakeOff Design is a small business owned by Nickolas Kola. It started out as a small web design business but quickly advanced to Mobile Software Development. SnapBack is the first app that TakeOff Design has released and has been in development for 17 weeks with the help of our Graphic Designer in Egypt and our Developer in the US.

I hope this request for review is taken into consideration as I feel that what we have created is something unique and has a lot to offer your readers

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