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* Soccer Manager Mode / Football Manager Mode / Fantasy Soccer Manager / Fantasy Football Manager
– New events regularly where REAL CASH OR NON-CASH PRIZES are being given out!

– Powerful Match Engine means you can play any formations you like, even 10 defenders! What’s your football tactics, Mr Manager?

– Each player has more than 50 attributes (visible and hidden) so it takes a real football brain to master the game.

– Upgrade stadium facilities to invest in the long term. You need a strategy short term and long term to build a successful winning championship team!

– Manage your finances or risk going bust! You are the director the player the manager the everything! This is your chance to manage the richest billionaire football club in the world! Be a football tycoon!

– Rename your players, rename your stadium, rename your team! You have real life friends whom you have a soccer team with? Put them in! Cheer when they score goals!

– Friends challenges where you can challenge your friends to friendly matches. Both of you will receive the match report so it’s time for bragging rights or humiliation!

– Sign up with sponsors, make sure you grow your reputation to attract more lucrative sponsorship deals! Your match goals could decide your financial goals, get it?

– Instant training upgrades so you can see your players skills grow. Train and coach your players to become legendary! Great for impatient people!

– Simple game system where each day, all teams will be given energy points. You have to allocate how you spend your energy each day to maximize team performance and balancing long term benefits.

– Players transfers so you can shop for bargains and sell away your players with shortlist functionality available.

– Contracts negotiations. You decide how much to pay your players but they will argue back their worth! Are you a shrewd negotiator?

– Fast and furious league games. 3 league matches per day with 19 matches total. 1 week is equal to 1 league season. We know you are impatient people!

– Real managers competing worldwide. Prove yourself to the world!

– Trophies cabinet for you to show off and share with your friends! But if your cabinet is empty, then you better stay low and quiet.

– Challenge the top clubs from around the world including football clubs from Brazil, England, Germany, Spain and more!

– Peep and see how your friends are doing in their leagues. Peep at their players and laugh at their mediocre pathetic players!

– This app is FREE!

* Soccer Player Mode / Football Player Mode – This mode is estimated to be available from March onwards and allows you to train up your own stats as a Soccer Player and join your own team, making you a Soccer Player Manager.

* Additional Information – Fixtures are generated every Monday so if you missed the timeline, you have to wait for it. 1 week in real life equals to 1 season in game so everyday is fast and furious! That means about 3 league match games per day on average excluding cup games.

* Summary – Soccer Player Manager is a free soccer management mobile game (free football management mobile game) and you will play as the soccer manager (football manager) (at least until the Player Mode is ready) and try to bring the club to greatness. The game is free for all players and has no bots. That means if there are not enough active players to make up a league, the “extra players” will be left out until next season. If you love the old Championship Manager series games, then this game should give you some entertainment.

* Manual – You may view the manual online at

* Important Note – This is a new game and is in early Beta status. Please keep your expectations low!

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