Sparkles And Friends – Coloring Book For Kids external link

Free app, wonderful coloring book for kids.
Sparkles& Friends is an adventurous  journey into a  colorful, magic land.
– 10 chapters, cute, funny and easy to use 

–  amazing drawings, vibrant colors, great story

– 100 hand drawn pictures, the story of a young koala bear and his friends embarking on an unforgettable adventure

– rich color spectrum to choose from

– 3 paint tools: touch to fill, paint spray, finger paint, eraser.

– saves pictures in My Gallery and to Photos library for easy sharing or use as wallpaper

– Kid tested, friendly interface

– Helps children to develop hand-eye coordination and enhances their creativity

– ideal for kids between 3-10 years

– 10 chapters

1. School
2. Hallooween night
3. Hot Air Baloon Ride
4. Christmas
5. Trip to the moon
6. Pirates adventures
7. Scuba Diving
8. Tropical Island
9. Sparkles’ birthday
10. Back to school

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