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Super Math is the ultimate gear to sharpen your mathematics skills. In this game, you can both practise your skills and put them to time-limited tests. Begin with the simplest puzzle levels for warm-up, and head on to the toughest for a mind-churning experience for your competitive aptitude.

-> 5 Difficulty Levels – from the most trivial (easy) to the most elusive (hard)
-> Solve questions on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
-> Practice mode lets you hone your skills in each category
-> Feel the nerves and race against time in the Test mode
-> Stats screen reports your performance (speed, accuracy) so far. Use it to gauge yourself and plan further practice.
-> Leaderboards: Throw yourself into limelight worldwide or among your friends with daily, weekly and all-time high score charts.
-> Fluid UI – Don’t waste your precious time and mind in redundant clicks & taps.

Most useful for :

-> Ace competitive entrance exams like GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), CAT (Common Admission Test) or even school exams by improving your calculation speed and logic.
-> Prepare for placement or job tests for trading firms like Optiver
-> Boost your IQ (intelligence quotient), arithmetic speed and workout the gray cells in your brain

Super Math is available at (FREE)


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