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Hello, we are eager to share with you our new app. We hope you will find it interesting, fresh and, of course, review-worthy:

Now available on Apple App Store, the Ypay app creators hope to help college students find free food on their campuses. “Food is there, many companies, clubs and other organizations offer free food to attract students, the challenge for the student is to find it”, said Maj Krumberger, a University of Arizona sophomore from Slovenia, who suggested to his brother and a group of IT entrepreneurs from his home country to create Ypay.

However, Ypay is not only designed for students. “There are a few similar apps and websites out there but none of them seems to be offering much to the event organizers (clubs, companies and others)”, said An Krumberger who coordinated the team that made Ypay. The main goal of Ypay is to create a community where students can quickly find free food on or near their campus while event organizers have a useful tool to invite exactly the students they want.

After a short registration, users enter app’s main screen with a centrally located map, displaying user’s current location and upcoming free food events in the area. Users can pin an unlisted free food event themselves when they see one. Event organizers can register their upcoming event using the app or an external website. They can add photos or links and can create a special invite to specific target group of students (sex, year and major). A push notification is sent to those students with a reservation number, allowing them to reserve their free meal.

Ypay creators are planning to make the app available on Android and Windows Mobile platforms in the near future.

Please visit www.ypayapp.com for more information on Ypay, including a short video. Video is separately available on YouTube on this link: http://youtu.be/CtnOx6mySYs

To download the app please visit: http://bit.ly/1ug84O2

Ypay was designed and built by Arctur Ltd. and Blue Arrow Ltd. from Slovenia.

Please find attached three screenshots of Ypay. I will be happy to get back to you if you need any additional info about our app or any additional materials.

Thank you!

Maja Usico
Co-creator of Ypay, Marketing and Media

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