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Zombies: Run or Kill is an addictive zombie shooter game for kids and adults. The main goal of the game is to stay alive and kill all the zombies without being killed. There are various kinds of zombies that will do anything to kill the shooter and eat his brain. Luckily there are multiple different weapons that can successfully destroy the undead.


There are a couple of interesting features of this shooting game that make it different from any other. There are backgrounds that change depending on the time when the game is played. When the night comes the scenery changes from day to night and makes the game more frightening at the same time. The shooter has the opportunity to kill zombies on the beach, on the North Pole that is covered with snow and in the rural countryside. Zombies can be found everywhere and they are spreading like virus.


“We’ve made this game mostly for children,” said Boban, one of the developers of Zombies: Run or Kill. “It was important for us to know what kind of games kids like to play. That’s why we asked our 10-year-old friend Luka Pavlovic to help us. He made up the whole gameplay: all the types of zombies, the main character, sceneries and types of weapons. So we developed the game according to his wishes and there was no mistake. Now, there are so many kids from all around the world who are happy to play this game thanks to Luka.”


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