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We start with Bleacher Report style open-source article contributions, allowing our audience to ComiConverse with their respective fandoms, while supplying us with millions of free content pieces. Quality controls and writer development via E-learning will take place as a result of the in-house automated systems that we have established.

With that content machine in motion, we’ll soon be home to the web’s greatest ComiCommuntiy.

But a great Comic Con experience requires so much more!

Through Pinterest-style content sharing, our users can share their own cosplay photos; adding all the colour of a live event to our Comic Con made digital.

Once we’ve packed our digital convention centre with passionate and engaged consumers, every artist and merchant alive is going to want a space in the online marketplace we will provide.

All the revenue streams of a Comic Con weekend and more. None of the costs.

Its the Comic Con that never ends.

Its the Comic Con made digital!

… And that’s how we ComiConverse!

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